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    Victims can call and obtain support making sure the police process your case and specific factors are in place to ensure your crime does not easily go unprosecuted or documented properly. Victims can also get assistance in identifying agencies for counseling.

    Send out the alarm!

    You can use our network to send out an alarm on a hate-crime which occurred at an establishment or location!

    Document the hate crime

    AEC supports the victims by offering to interview you and make sure the victim's account of the hate crime is precisely documented and shared with the UN, EU and Danish Authorities!


    Get an AEC representative to counsel your business, school or organization on how to identify, monitor and protect victims of racism who may encounter acts of racial discrimination in institutions.

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    Byadmin Nov 29, 2017

    DIHR Afrodansker report 2017

    Afro-danskere oplever diskrimination i hverdagens Danmark Please read the first report on Afro-dansker in Denmarks history. There has never be

    Byadmin Nov 22, 2017

    Hell No To African Slavery Demonstration

      Please join us Sunday 26th 2017 at the Libyan Embassy in Copenhagen Denmark to protest against the enslavement of African people an

    Byadmin Nov 22, 2017

    Intersectional discrimination

    Black Women are at the very center of People of African Descent's homes and communities. Black Women are often put last in being recognized withi

    Byadmin Nov 20, 2017


    Værd at vide om Hadforbrydelser: Hadforbrydelser er en alvorlig kriminalitetsform, som politiet er særlig opmærksom på at forebygge og bekæ

    Byadmin Nov 15, 2017

    Diskrimineret af myndighederne

    Diskrimineret af myndighederne

    Byadmin Aug 19, 2016

    Demand Catalog by People of African Descent and Black Europeans

    Chapter I: Introduction & Core Demands 1. Recognition as a Group affected by Racism People of African Descent and Black Europeans are