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Welcome to  Afro Empowerment Center Denmark (AEC). AEC is a member organization of the European Network of People of African Descent.  We believe all human beings have the right to live free from fear, hostility and discrimination which is why our organization fights to bring awareness to the society about People of African Descent’s human rights here in Denmark. We support the building of a confident and strong Afrodane and African Diaspora community here in Denmark and we have many methods and initiatives which we believe will help us reach that goal. AEC receives no funds from any governmental wing regarding any of our initiatives and is primarily funded by its members.

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Demand Catalog by People of African Descent and Black Europeans

Chapter I: Introduction & Core Demands

1. Recognition as a Group affected by Racism

People of African Descent and Black Europeans are one of the largest minorities in Europe and highlighted as being particularly vulnerable to racism across the European Union. Estimates from the United States Congress suggest that approximately 7,000,000 to 10,000,000 individuals of African Descent currently live in Europe, building on a long history in these countries.


People of African Descent and Black Europeans (PAD & BE) across Europe face a specific form of racism, which severely inhibits their full enjoyment of human rights. We demand a recognition of the situation of PAD & BE in accordance with:

CERD’s General Recommendation No 34 on People of African Descent
the findings of the UN Commission for Human Right’s Working Group for People of African Descent (E/CN.4/2003/WG.20/WP.3)
ENAR’s findings on Black Europeans and People of African Descent in Europe (2012).
We further demand that PAD & BE be recognized as affected by a specific form of racism across the European Union. Such recognition is the necessary basis for all legal and policy attempts to reduce the effects of racial discrimination against PAD & BE across Europe.   

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UN CERD Concluding observations on Denmark!

Regarding the UN CERD Concluding observations on Denmark, Afro Empowerment Center is very pleased with the recommendations. As it stands in Denmark without such implementations combating racism against People of African Descent (PAD) is futile. Currently if you migrate into Denmark, are born in Denmark from parents who are nationals of western nations but are also PAD, the data will only show your nationality and not ethnicity or “perceived race” thus, data will go hidden and tracking Anti Black Racism /Afrophobia is mute. Further more, in 2016 we can no longer assume all nationals from the African continent who migrate to Denmark fall under the classification of PAD, thus making hate crimes against PAD and others difficult to track and learn from.

European Network Against Racism (ENAR) published a shadow report on Afrophobia in Europe. The report’s focus is racism and discrimination experienced by people of African descent and Black Europeans. The report discusses the most significant issues faced by Black people in many areas of their lives such as education, health, housing, employment, criminal justice and public life.


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AEC operates 100 percent from our membership fees and from donations we receive from the public. From our conception and up to this point AEC has never received any donations, grants or funds over 1500 kroner (200US) from any existing institution or governmental or non organization.

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