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Et protest-essay: “Selvfølgelig kan man finde steder i verden, hvor racismen er værre… Men Danmark har et problem med racisme”

Samuel Herrin Bertholdsen har skrevet dette grumme essay om, hvordan han har oplevet racisme hele sit liv. Fra negerboller over skolegårdsslagsmål til raceprofilering i jobsøgningen og på datingmarkedet. følg linket her under:

The dark numbers, hate crimes in Denmark – Part Two

As promised here’s a followup on my first article about the dark numbers within hate crimes in Denmark. The numbers presented in the last article clearly shows that there is a huge amount of hate crimes in Denmark that are either not registered as hate crimes, discarded by the police due to lack of evidence …

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The dark numbers, hate crimes in Denmark

In recent years, Danish police have seen an increase in reported hate crimes. When defining a hate crime, the Danish police divide the definition into 3 categories based on the crime’s motive; motivated by sexual orientation, religiously motivated, and racially motivated. Racially motivated hate crimes include, among other things, motives involving nationality, ethnicity, race, and …

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Meet the new board in AEC

We at AEC are proud to present the new board. Please like and follow us on social media or revisit our website for more information about the new board and the upcoming changes in Aec

AEC 2.0

To all AEC members: It is with a heavy heart that we must announce that AEC founder and Chairman, Victor Bennett, will be stepping down as Chairman. Victor let the AEC board know of his intention to step down some time ago, stating a desire to focus on himself, his family and other projects. He …

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