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UN CERD Concluding observations on Denmark!

Regarding the UN CERD Concluding observations on Denmark, Afro Empowerment Center is very pleased with the recommendations. As it stands in Denmark without such implementations combating racism against People of African Descent (PAD) is futile. Currently if you migrate into Denmark, are born in Denmark from parents who are nationals of western nations but are also PAD, the data will only show your nationality and not ethnicity or “perceived race” thus, data will go hidden and tracking Anti Black Racism /Afrophobia is mute. Further more, in 2016 we can no longer assume all nationals from the African continent who migrate to Denmark fall under the classification of PAD, thus making hate crimes against PAD and others difficult to track and learn from.

European Network Against Racism (ENAR) published a shadow report on Afrophobia in Europe. The report’s focus is racism and discrimination experienced by people of African descent and Black Europeans. The report discusses the most significant issues faced by Black people in many areas of their lives such as education, health, housing, employment, criminal justice and public life.


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