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DIHR Afrodansker report 2017

Afro-danskere oplever diskrimination i hverdagens Danmark

Please read the first report on Afro-dansker in Denmarks history. There has never been a focus on People of African Descent in Denmark as a group and still very little is any has been done regarding the institutional bodies to address the particular for of racism People of African Descent face. Although AEC feels this report is lacking on all levels, we are happy to see a beginning within our institutions and land of a discussion which is badly needed. Please read the Afro-dansker report and read our follow up analysis right after.

Afro-dansker report: 

AEC Summary Analysis: 


Hell No To African Slavery Demonstration



Please join us Sunday 26th 2017 at the Libyan Embassy in Copenhagen Denmark to protest against the enslavement of African people and other crimes against humanity taking place in Libya.  We are also protesting the systemic silencing of crimes which have been ongoing for years in the region which have culminated into what we see today. Some of the crimes are human trafficking, organ theft, rape, forced prostitution and many other crimes. For further information please click the link below.



Intersectional discrimination

Black Women are at the very center of People of African Descent’s homes and communities. Black Women are often put last in being recognized within the structures of society in Denmark and we at AEC advocate for the implementation of laws and the legal language on intersectional discrimination *multiple discrimination* within Denmark which do not exist currently. Such legal definitions and language on intersectional discrimination are important, not just for the empowerment and protection of the rights of Black Women, but also for groups under represented in society. Intersectional discrimination effects the Black Queer communities, Black people of different ethnicity,  gender, nationality, sexuality, economic status etc. and many others regardless of background. Although intersectional discrimination is not limited to PAD, we feel it is important do to how we are effected most often, that we create space where this focus can also be understood through the lens of People of African Descent in Denmark as we are effected intersecting with the discrimination we face in connection with the perception of race often.



Værd at vide om Hadforbrydelser:
Hadforbrydelser er en alvorlig kriminalitetsform, som politiet er særlig opmærksom på at forebygge og bekæmpe. Det handler om at skabe sikkerhed og tryghed for nogle grupper af borgere, som er særligt udsatte i kraft af deres race, tro eller seksuelle orientering.
Hvad er en hadforbrydelse?
En hadforbrydelse er et strafbart forhold, der er motiveret af had til personer, som gerningsmanden eller gruppen af gerningsmænd oplever som anderledes på grund af disse personers etnicitet, religion, tro eller seksuelle orientering.

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