Intersectional discrimination

Black Women are at the very center of People of African Descent’s homes and communities. Black Women are often put last in being recognized within the structures of society in Denmark and we at AEC advocate for the implementation of laws and the legal language on intersectional discrimination *multiple discrimination* within Denmark which do not exist currently. Such legal definitions and language on intersectional discrimination are important, not just for the empowerment and protection of the rights of Black Women, but also for groups under represented in society. Intersectional discrimination effects the Black Queer communities, Black people of different ethnicity,  gender, nationality, sexuality, economic status etc. and many others regardless of background. Although intersectional discrimination is not limited to PAD, we feel it is important do to how we are effected most often, that we create space where this focus can also be understood through the lens of People of African Descent in Denmark as we are effected intersecting with the discrimination we face in connection with the perception of race often.