DIHR Afrodansker report 2017


DIHR Afrodansker report 2017

Afro-danskere oplever diskrimination i hverdagens Danmark

Please read the first report on Afro-dansker in Denmarks history. There has never been a focus on People of African Descent in Denmark as a group and still very little is any has been done regarding the institutional bodies to address the particular for of racism People of African Descent face. Although AEC feels this report is lacking on all levels, we are happy to see a beginning within our institutions and land of a discussion which is badly needed. Please read the Afro-dansker report and read our follow up analysis right after.

Afro-dansker report:  https://menneskeret.dk/sites/menneskeret.dk/files/media/dokumenter/udgivelser/afrodanskere_web.pdf 

AEC Summary Analysis:  http://www.aec-cph.dk/SADR.pdf 

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