#CERD34 Ratification / Implementation in Denmark- 2020!

In light of recent events specific to Afrodanes / People of African Descent in Denmark, Afro Empowerment Center Denmark’s working group which consist of volunteer citizens and residents initiated the CERD34 Petition to Parliament which became live 17.08.2020 https://www.borgerforslag.dk/se-og-stoet-forslag/?Id=FT-05309&fbclid=IwAR3Jeu4J8uHNodPE-nDKxYRB6r5fQOpWevy2E21yraqeJAOaGJwL9q1IrrY and we are seeking the Danish public interest and support regardless of your ethnic background and political party membership.

Denmark first signed the CERD in 1969, it was first implemented into law in 1971 and since then, several follow-ups have been made as extensions to protect groups which regionally and globally have come into more risk, gradually and others more abrupt. #CERD34 is one of those extensions.

The CERD34 was first issued to Denmark and other member states in 2011, and again in 2015 the issue was followed up on in the Concluding Observations on Denmark, yet no dialog was presented on the ground and very few institutions and organizations took up this issue outside of Afro Empowerment Center Denmark however, due to the recent heightened voices from Afrodanes, various incidents where race has been seen as playing a role in attacks against Afrodanes, the lack of mention in the Danish Hate Crime report and other factors, we believe the public and other organization are finally ready to act. We, therefore, invite every citizen of Denmark who feels deeply that something can and should be done on behalf of Afrodanes human and civil rights within the nation to act.

Please share this petition with your nieghbor, family and friends so we can make sure Denmark remains a democracy equal for all.

If you would like more information on how you can support this petition or even have questions in general, contact us by email at; aec.denmark@gmail.com

Thank you in advance