What is AEC

What is Afro Empowerment Center (AEC) Denmark?

“We do not have the right in the name of social justice to bore anyone to death.” –  Assata Shakur

“Me, we” – Muhamed Ali

AEC Denmark is a newly established non-governmental organization which goal is to create a community for People of African Decent (PAD) and Black Europeans (BE). AEC are members of the European Network for People of African Descent.


AEC Denmark’s future plans include, a small summit for PAD (People of African Descent)  key figures in October, the purpose of the summit is to discuss the issue of building a strong black community in Denmark.

AEC Denmark are aware of an increase in PAD homeless population in Copenhagen and therefore is planning a “giveaway project”, in which we will raise funds and accept goods in order to provide winter close ect. along with a nice dinner to feed and aid these people.


AEC have throughout our many Learning2Understand meetings and daily experiences acknowledged that there is a great need for an PAD (People of African Descent)  Community. AEC wants to start building a community that not only includes, but also will be dedicated to design a platform that will educate, empower and activate PAD and BE. Our vision includes not only PAD from the continent Africa but also its diaspora as acknowledged by the UN and EU recommendations and declarations. This decade is the Decade of People of African Descent and AEC (African Empowerment Center) plans on being a big part of it.

General Information

AEC Denmark have engaged in, and focussed on civil right issues, pertaining to Afrophobia and the abuse PAD’s and BE’s face currently in Denmark, but are often failed to be dealt with or understood by the government institutions and society as a whole. These victims instead need to be able to turn to other alternative resources and approaches to solve their issues, an AEC Denmark is an example.

Ofcourse to be a member of AEC you do not have to be exclusively black, everyone is welcome to join but must believe great emprovements can be made of behalf of PAD and BE in Denmark and have a legitimate, sencere desire to see those emprovement become a reality.


AEC Denmark has been collecting stories of individuals who have been victims of discrimination and racism, at work, at school , by the police, by the government or general in everyday life, these stories often goes untold. This documentation is important in order to gain the larger perspective on Afrophobia, in a way that just talking about it can’t provide.

In 2014 AEC Denmark were also contributors and co signers of the “Demand Catalog” of PAD’s and BE’s sponsored and organized by Initiative Schwarze Deutsche und Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland (ISD) and European Network Against Racism (ENAR).