What is AEC?

What is Afro Empowerment Center Denmark (AEC)?

Our goal is to create a safe space for People of African Decent (PAD). We work together with the European Network for People of African Descent (ENPAD) to empower the community regarding specific recommendations and directives by the UN and EU to achieve that. AEC is a proud benefactor and promoter of the UN International Decade for People of African Descent.


AEC works specifically on obtaining equality data on PAD as described by the UN definition in order to document and combat Afrophobia and Anti-Black-Raism.
We also work on implementing the CERD 34 recomendation on a national level and hold local and national politicians accountable on the fact that Denmark has signed on to the CERD.  We also work on a clear definition on Hate-Crimes against PAD and the implementation of language and laws on multiple (intersectional) discrimination which Black Women are disproportionately effected by.


AEC have engaged in, and focussed on civil right issues, pertaining to Afrophobia and Anti-Black-Racism and the abuse PAD’s face currently in Denmark, but are often failed to be dealt with or understood by the government bodies and institutions as a whole.

General Information

2015 was the forst year in The International Decade of People of African Descent and AEC works on using that as a platform for bettering the overall situation for PADs on Denmark.


AEC Denmark has been collecting stories of individuals who have been victims of discrimination and racism, at work, at school , by the police, by the government or general in everyday life, these stories often goes untold. This documentation is important in order to gain the larger perspective on Afrophobia, in a way that just talking about it can’t provide.

In 2014 AEC Denmark were also contributors and co signers of the “Demand Catalog” of PAD’s and BE’s sponsored and organized by Initiative Schwarze Deutsche und Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland (ISD) and European Network Against Racism (ENAR).