Constitution / Vedtægter

Rules of the Association Afro Empowerment Center Denmark 2014-2018.

Afro Empowerment Center Denmark (AEC) Constitution / Vedtægter

Rules of the Association Afro Empowerment Center Denmark -2018.
§ 1
Name and registered office
Stk . 1
Afro Empowerment Center Denmark
Cvr 39450399
Stk . 2
The association’s office is in Copenhagen

§ 2
The association’s purpose
Stk . 1

Afro Empowerment Center Denmark/ AEC’s purpose is to provide facilities and activities on a daily basis free from racism, xenophobia, sexism, mobning and other forms of oppression People of African Descent in Denmark face. We wish to provide a safe environment so we can meet each other, express ourselves, stay healthy, informed, and celebrate the vast array of cultures which exist in the diaspora. Our goal is to create constant awareness of the diaspora so People of African Descent and Afro Danes can contribute and live full and productive lives in within the Danish society.

We want to bring awareness of problems that have proven to be an obstacle to our everyday lives such as xenophobia, religious extremism, and internalized hatred and take a proactive approach through education and activities that are designed to remove fear and instill confidence in our ability to create self-change through positive influence.. Our program will engage in various aspects of communities such as education, entertainment, business, charity, as well as encourage a healthy knowledge and practice of our human and civil rights.
The association’s activities are charitable and open to anyone who is peaceful, respects the basic rights of the members in our association and supports the association’s purpose.

§ 3
The association’s membership of organizations, etc.
Stk . 1
Membership is open to anyone who is 18 and over and is interested in the aforementioned purpose.
Stk . 2
Paying members are allowed to attend all AEC events free of admission. Paying members are allowed to attend all AEC meetings other than board meetings.

Members vote at all AEC meetings in affairs which require a vote.

The membership shall be;
200 kr per year.
For students between the ages of 18-25 years, the membership shall be 150 kr per year.

The membership fee is set by a majority vote at a membership meeting and is payable upon sign up. Membership may be delayed until sign up fees are paid.
Stk . 3
Provisions on arrears of existing members. Members who have not paid their membership fee and have been informed of this in writing have 2 months to rectify their membership. After 3 months their membership will be dissolved. AEC will remind members one month before their membership expires.

Stk. 4
Respectful conduct of members while meeting or holding any engagement which is aligned with the organization’s activities is a must. Acts such as physical violence, harassment sexual, mental or otherwise, theft of any kind, or the leaking of confidential information on projects will not be tolerated. If complaints are brought against any member or members, two members will be appointed as mediators. The mediators must hold an independent investigation and consultation of all parties where any and all evidence is collected with the consultation of the membership which pertains to the dispute both the accused and the accuser. Only after all the facts are obtained and the parties agree in writing that the facts are all complete, a meeting must be called to all the organization’s members to vote on expulsion, suspension, or warning or otherwise. When the Administrator receives complaints the administrator must formulate them in a written log and process them in the exact order given unless a vote of the full membership deems otherwise.

Stk. 5
Members who bring in the personal disputes of others or personal affairs of others which do not pertain to the work members engage in directly within AEC will be warned once and expelled according to the processes in Stk 4.

Stk . 6
Board Members resignations must be done in a manner which does not hinder the work, organization’s agenda, or daily functions of the association. If the case arises where the resignation of a board member hinders the organization in an aforementioned manner, an immediate emergency assembly meeting must be announced by the remaining board members with the consultation of the members. This emergency assembly must be held within a period of 14 days. The board members who resign due to conflicts with other members can have their organization membership revoked entirely by a majority vote of the remaining board members from the organization permanently.

Otherwise, a former board member who steps down is still an active member of the AEC and should be treated as such unless they state in writing that they want to leave AEC. Resignation from the board has to be stated in writing, preferably one month in advance with a formal letter.
If a person wishes to terminate their AEC membership, they must do so in writing.

§ 5
General Assembly
Stk. 1
The General Assembly is the highest authority outside of an emergency assembly. But members who are not currently paid up on membership fees cannot vote and cannot attend meetings including General Assembly meetings.
Stk .2
Annual General Assembly held each year in February.
Notice by email to the members and announcements via official online media.
Stk . 3
Proposals to be submitted to the General Meeting shall be submitted to the Chairperson’s email or any other approved means at least 14 days before the general meeting in writing.
Stk . 4
Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting. You can only vote in person or by power of attorney.
Stk. 5
You can only be elected to a board seat after completing one full year as a member and completing at least 4 project initiatives. The only exception is an Immediate Emergency Assembly is called which is outlined in § 3 Stk. 6
Stk. 6
Agenda for the Annual General Meeting shall include at least the following points:
1 Election of Chairperson or Vice Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, Administrator or another board seat if applicable
2 Board / Chairman’s report.
3 Presentation and approval of the annual accounts. (possibly a presentation of next year’s budget ).
4 Proposals received.
5 Selection according to § 6 paragraph.
6 Selection of alternates
7 Appointment of the auditor (s) and deputy auditor
8 Possibly election/appointment of committees
9 Miscellaneous.
Stk . 6
General Assembly resolutions are introduced into the protocol.
Stk . 7
The General Assembly makes decisions by a simple majority vote subject to § 9 paragraph . 1
Stk . 8
Extraordinary General Assembly may be convened at any time by the Board and shall be called within a month when at least 20 percent of members in writing so requires.

§ 6
The daily management
Stk . 1
The daily management consists of the Board of Directors, which consists of 3-7 members elected by the General Assembly for 2 years.
Stk . 2
Chairperson, Secretary and 1-2 directors elected in even years.
Stk . 3
Vice-Chairperson and Treasurer 1-2 number of board members are elected on odd years.
Stk . 4
All other board seats are annual.
Stk . 5
The Board manages the Association in accordance with these Articles of Association and the General Assembly’s decisions.
Stk . 6
The Board shall adopt its rules of procedure.
Stk . 7
The Board of Directors shall be quorum only if at least half of the members are present.
Stk . 8
The Chairperson chairs the board meetings and in his absence the Vice-Chairperson.
Stk . 9
The chairperson shall ensure that records are kept of board meetings and decisions.
Stk. 10
Board members when consisting of 5 or fewer persons must inform all members and have no voting power to act without the inclusion of a minimum of half the membership of the association. This means half of the membership should be included in all affairs of the board when the board consists of 5 or fewer members.

§ 7
Accounting and auditing
Stk . 1
The association’s assets must be placed in the reputable bank.
Stk . 2
The financial year is 1 January – 31 December ( year proposed to follow the calendar year )
Stk . 3
Audited accounts shall be published no later than 8 days before the meeting
Stk . 4
The accounts must be signed by all members of the Board.
§ 8
Expenses. Any amount bigger than 0.0 DKK must be approved by the majority the Board.
Stk . 1
The association’s funds are to be managed and made available by the Chairperson and Treasurer jointly or by one in conjunction with the remaining board members.
§ 9
Stk. 1
Board members are not personally liable for the association grants unless repayment claim arose by purposely unlawful action.
§ 10
Amendments to the statutes
Stk . 1
Procedure for amending the Statutes shall be included in the Staff example .
Statutory Changes can be adopted at any General Assembly if at least 2/3 of the votes cast are in favor.
§ 11
Stk . 1
Dissolution of the association can only be done by 2/3 majority membership in two consecutive general assemblies, one of which must be ordinary. The only acception is the case of a defunct board where the board for any reason are unable to act on behalf of membership in a crisis and certain board members are passive.
Stk . 2
Any surplus / assets / equipment goes by dissolution of the Association for the following purposes: (Non Profit Organization of the choice of the board.)
Approved on the Fourth General Meeting date and time: March 4th 2018