These are some of the events AEC has arranged for the purpose of engaging the public on issues of racial discrimination and other intersections which exist but are often overlooked in society. This list excludes other work AEC is involved in engaging law makers, industry other associations – public and/or private sectors. To find out more about our initiatives past or present, members who have worked on initiatives on behalf of AEC please contact us at

JAN 27, 2018
Black Women In History: Majesty, Grace and Power! – Lecture by Runoko Rashidi

Jan 27 – Jan 28 · 36 friends are going – features Black Womens Panel on political representation, realities and implications.

Past Events: Has facilitated over 50 events in the Copenhagen kommune since 2013. All of our events connect to the promotion and advancement of the International Decade for People of African Descent and their Human Rights. These events can be political, cultural, educational or otherwise. Click here for a list of out past events! 

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