AEC officers and representatives provide the following services;

Lectures: AEC representatives provide lectures on a variety of subjects dealing specifically with Anti Black Racism / Afrophobia. Representatives are available to do lectures for Schools, Civic Associations, Corporations, Governmental and Non Governmental agencies. We provide lectures in both Danish and English. Please contact us at to enquire about more information.

Mentoring: AEC representatives provide mentoring to kids who are having difficulty in surroundings where their parents feel discrimination is either at the source of the difficulties in school and/or other environments. We also mentor youth who may be attracted to criminal activity, gangs, are involved or suspected of having issues with drug abuse/usage (including alcohol) or other behaviors which prove to be destructive. Please contact us at to enquire about more information.

A. Consulting: AEC consults companies in how to deal with issues of racial discrimination which occur on the job. Employees can often face discrimination from other employees and an easy way to curb this behavior which may or may not be systemic is to have an outside party consult with you, have meetings where a specialist can come in and talk about sensitivity, intersections and other issues in a way which makes it easy and comprehensible for both the upper management and the everyday staff. Please contact us at to enquire about more information.

B Consulting: AEC works with other institutions regarding educational materials, strategical insight regarding racial discrimination, tracking racial discrimination, processing complaints, as well as helping institutions understand better how racial discrimination can play out in different environments and what means can be effective in combating such discrimination.  Please contact us at to enquire about more information.

C Consulting: AEC consults victims of racial discrimination, gives advise on how to approach conflicts regarding work, school,  local government offices (kommune), judicial system and other bodies in Denmark. We operate as a third party backup for victims to insure cases are processed correctly and victims can have an extra avenue which to seek advice. We consult and communicate with attorneys and other non governmental agencies when needed to provide a wide range of support mechanism and support for victims. Please contact us at to enquire about more information.