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Demand Catalog by People of African Descent and Black Europeans

Chapter I: Introduction & Core Demands 1. Recognition as a Group affected by Racism People of African Descent and Black Europeans are one of the largest minorities in Europe and highlighted as being particularly vulnerable to racism across the European Union. Estimates from the United States Congress suggest that approximately 7,000,000 to 10,000,000 individuals of …

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UN CERD Concluding observations on Denmark!

Regarding the UN CERD Concluding observations on Denmark, Afro Empowerment Center is very pleased with the recommendations. As it stands in Denmark without such implementations combating racism against People of African Descent (PAD) is futile. Currently if you migrate into Denmark, are born in Denmark from parents who are nationals of western nations but are also PAD, …

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Black Lives Matter Demonstration – American Embassy -Copenhagen, Denmark 2016

Julian Murhula – Chairman of ACODA RDC gives an inspiring speech in front of the US Embassy in Denmark. His speech outlines similarities between the struggle of African Americans and Congolese, the structures behind them, and points out how Denmark is not immune to the same policies within a triangular trade and political alliance.

PADK Survey (December 2015) released- 2016

Afro Danskere og Afrikanere vil ikke længere kaldes……. 90% af de adspurgte i ny undersøgelse ønsker ikke at blive kaldt “N-ord”. Langt størsteparten af de adspurgte foretrak i stedet Afrikaner eller Afro Dansker.

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I det offentlige rum i selskab med næstformand for DF Søren Espersen

Gomorgen Danmark 19 Maj 2016Gomorgen Danmark inviterer mig ind som den første afrodanske teaterdirektør for Teater Solaris og formand for Afro Empowerment Center ind for at debatterer brugen af slavebetegnelsen “N-ordet” i det offentlige rum i selskab med næstformand for DF Søren Espersen. Posted by Chairman of Afro Empowerment Center Denmark – AEC on Thursday, …

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Statens Mus. for Kunst ændre titler med n-ordet.

Statens museum for kunst ændre titler med n-ordet.“TVAvisen” DR kl 18:30 d. 7. juni 2016 om Statens Museum for kunst, der ændre n-ordet i titlerne på deres værker Posted by Chairman of Afro Empowerment Center Denmark – AEC on Tuesday, June 7, 2016


AEC operates 100 percent of our membership fees and from donations, we receive from the public. From our conception and up to this point AEC has never received any donations, grants or funds over 1500 kroner (200US) from any existing institution or governmental or non-organization. If you would like to donate to AEC you can do so currently by either …

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